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Click the link below to see details of free video editors (as at May 2018)
Free video editors

Music for Video Productions

 * Buyout - AKM, YoPo, 2d, Audio Network (83p per track)  etc also see Amazon ("Buyout Music")
* IAC can supply tracks…on a choice of 700 CDs
* Also from the IAC - a Performing Rights License - small fee - worth it to use any instrumental music at all!
* Public Domain - e.g. Kevin McLeod, Bryan Teoh short loopable music, Classical MIDI Archives, Free Music Archive, Public Domain including lots of old jazz greats.
* Smart Sound - get away from the pre-installed tracks, everyone knows them.
* Make your own - Steinberg Sequel, Garageband, Magix, Sony Acid, Songsmith (6 hours free!)
* Band in a Box or Jammer - has 3000 pre-installed tracks of which the voicing can be altered. It will also handle MIDIs from Electrofresh etc but not usually alter voicing.
* Street artists - note especially that Disney buys copyright of all acts so you can use them for private videos.
* Musical scores can be read and played by special OCR programmes
* It is worth remembering that there are folk around who will compose music especially for you - an option worth thinking about for a major production.

* For synthesised voiceovers try Acapela

YouTube's copyright-free music can be accessed at:-

SFXvalley  100% free to use music and sound effects.  Just write in your video's description "music by sfx valley" 

Note that a special license is required for weddings - if you do them seriously

Free Stock Resources for Photographs, Video and Sounds

Try  for sound effects, background images and music

Free Sound Effects


Other Video Clubs

Southern Counties Region Clubs can be found at the IAC